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Who You Represent

Members of conservation district boards are called “district supervisors” and are local citizens, landowners, and/or producers who are often familiar with and concerned about area environmental conditions. All supervisors serve without pay. The seven-member Board of Supervisors are elected by the registered voters within the district.  District Supervisors cannot hold any other elected office.  Supervisors oversee the work of the district managing natural resource issues, financial matters, and personnel.

It is important to realize that you, and the district you represent, are part of a large conservation family. There are 847 supervisors in Kentucky. Kentucky has 121 Conservation Districts, and there are approximately 3000 Conservation Districts in the United States.

Kentucky’s districts are organized into nine geographical regions as defined by the Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts bylaws. Each of the 121 districts is then a member of both an ‘Area’ and the Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts, an umbrella organization that coordinates conservation efforts statewide to focus effectively on issues identified by local member districts.

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