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Kentucky Association of

Conservation District Employees

The KACDE is a non-profit 501c3 organization whose primary function is to help develop, promote and strengthen conservation district employees and their programs in the state. The Association's governing body is an Executive Committee and Board of Representatives consisting of elected officers and a representative from all nine KACD Areas. KACDE works to promote a means for personal development of the organizational members and district employees and to assist them in preparing to execute their duties.

KACDE primarily operates on annual dues paid by district employees, conservation districts and other entities. They also hold fund raising events to help fund other opportunities that they provide for district employees. KACDE offers several multi day training opportunities for district employees, they provide cost saving bulk printing of the art and writing contest material, t-shirts, master conservationist signs etc. They also provide cost saving computer software.

To learn more about KACDE – visit

Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts

PO Box 4027

Frankfort, KY 40604-4027

(502) 682-1770

Crystal Renfro, Executive Director


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