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District Supervisors

As a conservation district supervisor you are a member of a district board that has been authorized by state law to fulfill important responsibilities related to the management and conservation of natural resources within your jurisdiction. You should accept this task willingly and with a positive attitude.

If you are going to be a supervisor, you need to be serious about the job.

District supervisors are local citizens elected to a four-year term of office. They are the legislatively mandated to conserve local natural resources. For several decades, supervisors were typically agricultural landowners. However, as the scope of conservation has grown, so has the diversity of board members, lending broader perspective and credibility to the district’s position. Today, district boards are made up of bankers, teachers, homemakers, farmers, educators, and business owners. They represent a variety of local environmental concerns.

Supervisors are not public employees and receive no salary. However, they may receive reimbursement for expenses incurred completing district related duties, such as travel expenses associated with attending a state-wide meeting.

Like most elected officials, elected supervisors are required to take an Oath of Office and make a personal commitment to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

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