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Supervisor Elections

Conservation District Supervisors serve a term of 4 years.  Supervisors elections are held every two years, with three Supervisors being elected one time and four the next.  At the end of that term, it is time to go through the process of re-election.

  • According to KRS 262.210 supervisors must present a nomination petition to the County Clerk in the County where the term is being sought.  The petition must include the signatures of at least 25 registered voters in the County.  This petition must be presented by the filing deadline.  The candidate must also pay the county filing fee of $20.  The District cannot pay this fee.  If more petitions are filed than are available, the County Clerk then presents them to the voters in the General Election. 
  • In the event that the petition for only the number of supervisors to be elected are filed, the commission will consider them elected.  When there are not enough petitions turned in to cover the vacancies, this leaves the window open for "write ins."
  • Write in candidates are physically written in on the ballot.  Only certified names can be counted.  To be certified as a "Write In" you must file a declaration of intent within 10 days preceding the election (KRS 265)
  • A supervisor's term begins January 1st following the election
  • In the case where a supervisor must resign or a vacancy may occur, the Board can nominate a citizen to fill that term.  The citizen must complete a nomination petition and be approved by the Kentucky Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  When that term expires, that individual must file a petition to be elected.

Other Supervisor Facts

  • Supervisors must reside in the county.
  • Supervisors can campaign like any other elected official
  • No District funds can be contributed to campaign funds.
  • Petitions will be disqualified if at least 25 signatures are not form a registered voted in that County.
  • Supervisors cannot hold any other elected office but can remain on the Board while running for an elected position.
  • Names are publicly "drawn" to determine the order of appearance on the ballot.
  • Supervisors are not required by law to attend a mandatory number of meetings per year but some Districts have set a limit to which they can request that a supervisor resign.
  • Supervisors must take an "Oath of Office" and be officially sworn in after being elected.
  • The ideal supervisor is someone who cares about conserving our natural resources and can devote the time needed for monthly meetings and District functions.
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