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Public Relations

Continuous program to help people understand what a Conservation District is, what it does and why it is important.

Good Public Relations Will:

  • Ensure that localities and citizens are aware of the availability of District programs
  • Build rapport with other groups
  • Increase inter-agency relations
  • Improve the quality of people who serve a District as Supervisors
  • Increase the amount of funding Districts receive


  • Supervisors must be engaged with the public – Don’t sell yourself or your District short as a local resource!
  • Supervisors must develop strong relationships with local officials.
  • Your elected position is as important.
  • You are the voice for Natural Resource Issues
  • Sending Staff is rarely as effective.

Improve your Public Relations by…

Stay Connected:

  • Personal Contacts
  • Community Meetings
  • Newsletters
  • Conservation Directories
  • Radio and Newspaper Spots
  • Videos
  • Field Days and Demonstrations
  • Presentations
  • Personal Invitations to District Functions and Meetings
  • Annual Meetings
  • Awards Banquets
  • Legislative Breakfasts
  • Workshops on Topics of Interest
  • Websites
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